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Jays Bodyworks is called ..The No Cardio Zone.. for reasons going back to Issac Newtons Theories and the law of physics.

Jay's Bodyworks

Is called The No Cardio Zone for a reason going back to Issac Newton theories and laws of Physics. Jay, with the help of Vince Gironda, the architect of natural body building , has committed himself to this formula. Concentration and lifting free weights is the only road to getting in physical shape. Making your workout time as short as possible , while maintaining form and concentration, results in greater power and muscle mass.

Cardio destroys hormones. You need to build hormones. Hormones create, firm, hard and fit look. Lifting weight builds hormones. Compare the look of a sprinter to a marathon runner. Sprinters have defined, chiseled bodies with great muscle tone that runners do not possess.


Power = Work / Time

Is diet important?

No matter how hard you work out, what you eat is 85 percent of getting in shape.

Are Visuals Important?

Yes and that is the real secret.

How often do I have to work out?

You workout 45 minutes twice a week or 30 minutes 4 times a week.

Do you count calories?

No. Its more important to count Carbohydrates and sodium, carbohydrate calories = fat. Protein and fat calories = muscle tissue.

What about running, walking and biking?

If you want to be a good runner, you run. If you want to be a good biker, you bicycle. These are time-consuming activities and they don’t get you into shape.

What do you consider being in shape?

If you can’t wear a Speedo, you are not in shape. You might be fit and you might have endurance, but if you look funny in a pair of Speedos or a bikini, you are not in shape.

Is strethcing and warm-up necessary?

No. Stretching is built in to my exercise through extension and contraction. It is not necessary to warm up because we are in the gym to break down muscle tissue. In the gym you don't have much time because as soon as you pick up a weight, your body starts to release growth hormones which contribute to burning fat and building muscle. After 45 minutes, its all gone. Your waisting your time.

Is it necessary to give up alcoholic beverages?

No. If you limit yourself to two cocktails a day and follow the program of the No Cardio Zone, you will still achieve the results you want. James Bond had the perfect drink – a dry martini. Drink like Bond or don’t drink at all. No Pina Coladas, no Rum Runners and no flavored drinks.

Why do you emphasize concentration so much?

I emphasize concentration because the secret to building muscle is concentration, which also is how you burn calories. The harder you concentrate the more calories you burn. But concentration is hard and that’s why so few people do it. They would rather get on the treadmill, put on a pair of headphones and look out the window rather than concentrate on the exercise they are doing.

Do you work out for health reasons or for looks?

Gym equipment is designed to create a certain look. It was not created to make you live longer. If you are looking for health, the number one thing is your mental attitude; the second is your nutrition and the third is your daily functioning. But to truly get in shape, diet and concentration are the most important.

How do you convince prospective clients that this is a good system, given the fact that it’s a departure from the traditional exercise program of cardio plus weights?

We offer one-week free personalized training to prove that this program will change your life. You will see, feel and experience the difference in your energy level, your strength and how you look in the mirror in just one week. We provide personalized, competent training in how to use free weights. Working out with machines does not give you the mind-to-muscle connection. You only get this with free weights.

How long does it take to get in top shape?

The answer varies, depending on genetics and your diet. But in any case, no more than 12 weeks. If it takes more than 12 weeks, you are doing something wrong. For your body to change, you have to change. It requires concentration on what you are doing without worrying about business or personal problems. Leave the cell phone in the car. Concentration is an art that requires discipline and commitment, but it is the only way to achieve the toned, firm look you want. One week can change your life and that is why we offer a one-week exercise program for free, stresses Jay, adding that once someone experiences the benefits of the program, they will want to return.

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